About Us

Portrait is a fast-growing health-tech startup that empowers individual medical providers to easily launch their own dermatology practices.

Over the past 30 years, the cost of starting your own medical practice has skyrocketed and the regulatory pressures are ever increasing. The result is massive consolidation and a loss of autonomy and independent medical providers. Portrait is reversing that trend by enabling independent practitioners the ability to launch their own patient practices without the overhead. Using our technology stack and automation of back office operations, we offer experienced aesthetic RN's, NP's, and PA's a turn key solution to own their practice.

Aesthetic Dermatology is an $11Bn industry growing 11% YoY. ​​We support a growing trend of independent practices providing better care and service to patients, providers and medical suppliers. Independent practices are poised to take over the bulk of the Aesthetic Dermatology industry and Portrait is leading the way.

Portrait Health is cash flow positive and is backed by leading investors including WndrCo, Jeffrey Katzenberg (Founder of Dreamworks), Scott Marlette (Founder of GoodRx), Kevin Mahaffey (Founder of Lookout) among others.